Back at Moss St. Market from April 25th.

Hi folks,

We hope you're all staying healthy out there!

It's taken us a few weeks to work out logistics, but as of April 25th we'll back back at Moss St. Market on Saturdays as usual and for the season. Stop by and say hello to Katie, who will be doing the market sales for us.

For the moment, please note that Katie CANNOT accept any growler returns. So please hang onto your bottles until we get an all-clear from the province. At that time, we'll have a pre-sanitization protocol, prior to sanitization at the winery.

For the moment, we also are NOT allowed to do wine tastings or sampling. Katie will have on hand three of our regular wines--the 2017 Ortega (we're down to the last few cases now and will be releasing the 2018 soon), the 2017 barrel-aged Foch, and our bestselling "Saanich Sangria" (recipe in post to follow if you're not familiar).

We're also releasing a small amount (just two cases) of a special COVID19 project I've been working on this past month--a trial of sparkling piquette (more on this in a follow to follow as well). We're releasing this at a fun and COVID-budget-friendly $15 (750 ML, non-growler bottle). We'd LOVE to hear from you what you think of this so we can decide if we should make some more.

Finally, we're really pleased to announce that we've got the all clear to sell fresh table grapes (Ortega not only makes a great wine but makes a great table grape) this fall, and we're working with VIHA to figure out how to release local (pasteurized) grape juice this fall as well, both for grocery delivery and in larger formats for curious home winemakers. We have only a small amount of excess fruit that we can sell as grapes or grape juice, so if you're interested we are taking allocations now (no payment due until 30 days before harvest, so it's just getting your name on the list). If interested, please email us at the winery, and I'll add you. (Katie won't be able to take names at the market because the sanitization routine is already a lot to manage.)

At Moss St. we can accept cash, of course, but if you can it would make Katie's life easier (and safer) for payments to be by credit card (using Square) or, even better, via contact-free Interac from your cell phone at check out.

And if you don't want to carry bottles around, remember we do free delivery in the downtown core and on the peninsula, with no minimum order. Please email the winery directly to order or you can order on line via the Moss St. Market local-line platform.

Stay healthy out there and hope to see you from a distance soon!

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