Fall Grape Sales for U-Vin / Juicers / Home Winemakers--& FREE GRAPES for Harvest Volunteers

Hi folks,

We're releasing grapes this year as fresh fruit to the local market, perfect for table grapes (Ortega is a nice table grape!), fresh juice or raisins, making your own wine at home, or taking to your local U-Vin (and we're delighted to say that our friends at Flying Fish are happy to take fresh grapes, crush them, and set you up to make your own wine in their facility). If you want to try doing it on your own, we'll be doing a complimentary winemaker workshop for everyone on our allocation list who is interested in the fall before harvest.

We have Ortega, Foch, and Gamay Noir available. Price is $2.25 a pound if you pick (social distancing is easy as the rows are 8' apart, so bring your bubble if you want crew, and kids are welcome). If you want us to pick and either do curbside pick up or want us to deliver to your home or Flying Fish, price is $2.75 a pound. We'll also sell some fruit at Moss St. Market and are happy to do deliveries at the market too.

How can you lose, right? That's about half the price of fresh grapes flown in from South America at the grocery, and ours don't have any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, AND you're supporting local farm families!

Harvest generally runs about Sept 20 to Oct 7, and the process is easy: you let us know what varietal you want and how many pounds you want. We put you on the list now, guaranteeing you a spot, no charge. 30 days before harvest, we shoot you an email, and you either confirm that you're still in and send payment or just let us know that you've changed your mind, so we can release the fruit to other folks. If you reserve 100 pounds and end up wanting 150, we can generally make that happen, so no need to overestimate (and it just messes us up).

How about that FREE GRAPES teaser? If you're feeling pinched for funds, no worries. We'll let you volunteer an "earn" free fruit credits. Basically, you join us for a day (again, alone or with your bubble) as a harvest volunteer (with a bit of paperwork to make it above board), and as our THANK YOU we give you some free grapes to take home. We've got about 30 spots, and we're generally pulling the bulk for the fruit very end of Sept or early Oct, waiting as long as the sunshine lets us.

Either way, one thing to plan now: we have picking bins you can use at the vineyard, but you'll either need to bring buckets to carry your grapes away in (we'll pick up in advance for delivery or curbside) or we'll sell you food-grade sheetrock buckets at our cost if you need them. For home winemakers, we do have one small press and a crusher-de-stemmer that can be rented by the day, please inquire. Those book up very quickly.

Want to save a spot and have a think this summer? Shoot us an email at parsellvineyard [at] protonmail [dot] com.