Growler Swaps

Hi folks,

Well, it's the end of an era. Due to COVID, we are going to have to phase out using the refillable growlers for the foreseeable future. So if you have empty growlers out there that you want to return, we're asking that you please bring them back to us either in August at Moss St. Market when Rob is there this month (we feel okay taking them back ourselves but feel like it's too much to ask an employee to do) or reach out to us to do a contactless drop off at our warehouse in Saanichton.

We hope maybe down the road we'll be able to resume using refillable wine bottles, because we believe for sure it's the right thing to do environmentally, but at the moment we can't make it work to keep everyone safe. As always, happy to refund the growlers or credit toward your wine purchase.

We're also moving over now to all 750 ML bottles, prices $20 including GST/PST for all our wines except the Saanich Sangria, which is $25 including GST/PST. Tasting room is closed for the summer, but curbside pick up and free local deliveries as usual.


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