Local Wine En Vrac, the Parsell Vineyard Take on an Affordable European Tradition

Folks! First, we are coming up on our annual winter closure. We'll be at Moss St. Market as usual on Dec 21, and then we're closed--and off to Italy!--until Jan 30, when we'll come back to face winter vineyard pruning. As some of you know, I'm also a writer, and I'm working on a new non-fiction book on Italy during the Second World War (as well as researching natural wines, of course). So if you're looking to stock up until Feb, come see us on Saturday, and we're sending you all happy New Year wishes.

Then--Italy! One of our fondest traditions in Italy and France is the roadside tradition that the French call wine "en vrac" or in bulk. Across the wine country in Europe, you bring your jugs to the local market or follow the hand-painted signs along dusty byways in the country, and fill your weekly wine direct from the casks. Why, we wondered, does no one do that in British Columbia? We already offer reusable wine "growlers," but we wanted to take it BIGGER! And larger format means we save the costs of bottling small formats, labels, corks, and glassware, and can pass that savings along to you.

So, we're pleased to offer from Feb 1 bulk wines sales, in 18 L glass bottles (deposit refunded on return as with our growlers). 18 L = 24 standard bottles at 750 ML or two cases. Our pricing is our 2018 Ortega (white) for $300 (plus GST/PST and glassware deposit) or $12.50 a standard bottle, and our 2018 Foch (red) for $350 (plus as above) or $14.50 a standard bottle.

We label on delivery with our tags. From there, do what you will. We think serving wine at your next party or at a wedding in pretty carafes is the most sustainable way to go. But if you want to rebottle your bulk wine in smaller formats for cellaring, there's nothing to stop you doing that at home. It's your wine. We're happy to loan you a stand corker, and we sell corks and bottles at winery-direct prices. We also have a very fancy label printer, and we can print custom labels for any event or product (weddings, anyone?) for $1 a label.

So that's our take on this charming--and affordable--European tradition, and we're working to come up with ways here at Parsell Vineyard where sustainability and great wines are a win-win (and wine-wine) proposition.

See you all in 2020 and thanks for a great year! Your local farmers appreciate the support. xxTilar and Rob

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