Napa Fires

We have deep roots in Napa and Sonoma--both personally and as winemakers--and we have multiple friends who have lost their wineries this week. Our heart goes out to them and to all their vineyard crews who have also lost homes and livelihoods this week. As we start the most intense phase of "crush" here on Vancouver Island, we understand what it means to lose your land and your crops, and we know, poised as we are on the edge of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, that natural disaster could happen to any of us.

This week we are donating $5 for every bottle of wine sold at Parsell Vineyard to the Napa Valley Community Relief Fund, to support meals, housing, and counseling for people displaced by the fires. We continue to offer free delivery and our October 10% case discount. If you're looking for your Thanksgiving wine, we hope you'll consider helping us support our fellow winemakers and wine-crews. In gratitude--r and t


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