Parsell Piquette! What's Piquette, You Say? Read On.

Hi folks,

As mentioned in our last, we've been fooling around in the winery this last month, trying out some new projects. We're releasing this week at Moss St. Market just a few cases of Parsell Piquette. The price is $15 a bottle (750 ML), which we think has to be the best deal going for a local natural wine. If you snag a bottle this week, we'd love to hear from you what you think (@parsellvineyard / #parsellvineyard) so we can decide if we should make some more.

What's Piquette? Well, if you're big into the natural wine scene, you may have heard that it's the "new big thing," the "next orange wine" (incidentally, our orange wine is sold out for the moment, but we will have some 2019 coming as soon as we are allowed to reopen the bottling at the winery, which, alas, cannot be done with social distancing). Wine Enthusiast and Eater have both had great write ups recently that you might want to check out.

At Parsell, our Piquette is a Piquette of Foch, and it's basically a very lightly sparkling rose wine. After crushing and pressing off the juice to make our regular Foch red wine, we re-ferment the grape skins to make a light rose wine and put it through a sparkling fermentation in the bottle using the traditional "Champagne" method.

It's not like anything you've ever had (unless you've had a Piquette). The wine is more like a rose vinho verde than anything else, and we think of it at home here as more like a wine cooler than a wine, because it is very light bodied. We drink it over ice, sometimes with a slice of orange, sometimes a drop of cassis, but it's great on it's own well chilled, and the colour is a beautiful ruby.

Again, we've only got a few cases. I made just under 60 litres in my latest house-bound-mad-winemaker enthusiasm, so let us know what you think.


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