Spring Vineyard News

It was a long and unusually snowy winter here on southern Vancouver Island, but the weather has turned at last, leaving us with a good bit of trellising repair but a bit of extra time to get organized on our last phase of vineyard planting. We will be putting in this spring our last three rows of vineyard--some Gamay Noir and some Pinot Blanc--bringing us to four-and-a-half acres planted here on the farm and another two-and-a-half acres that we farm over on Mt. Newton Cross Road. We're currently puzzling over how to stop our geese from eating our baby vines, short of locking them into the older blocks (our current solution). We hear that geese hate grape Kool Air (who wouldn't), so if anyone has had any luck with that approach let us know.

Otherwise, the big news here on the farm comes in two updates.

The first is that, come May 15, 2019, the tasting room and picnic grounds will be open again for the season, and we're decided to try going year-round next winter. But a reminder that if you have growlers gathering dust in your pantry, we are open this winter and spring by appointment as well, so just shoots us an email or give a call. We will fill your bottles up and give you a sneak peak of the new wines in a barrel tasting.

We will be having a public barrel tasting event in mid-May--our big spring allocation event--and if you want a spot on the invite list get in touch. The tickets are free, but we have a limited capacity.

The second bit of exciting news is that it looks like three of our ewes are pregnant thanks to an eager Black Welsh Mountain ram on loan this autumn. So we hope to have lots of adorable lambs running around by May, and we're looking on getting a "Lamb Cam" set up so you can check in on their progress. Check back here for updates.

Gwen & Winnie, Vineyard Grass Patrol Team & Mobile Fertilizer Units

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