Tasting Room Summer Update--JUNE 6, Saturdays 12-4 (To Start) Picnic Area Re-Opening This Summer.

Hi folks!

Now that in BC we're moving into Phase 2 reopening, here's our update about the Parsell Vineyard tasting room. First of all, wine tasting is, alas, not going to be permitted this summer: samples are specifically ruled out. However, in addition to continuing to sell our wines on Saturdays at Moss St. Market (and continuing to offer free local delivery, no minimum order), we're going to try out reopening our outdoor picnic area on Saturday afternoons this summer, from 12-4 PM. If we can do it safely and if there is enough interest, we'll expand the hours and days as we go along.

Because we have some awesome new wines to release--some new Orange wine (including a batch aged in local Garry Oak), a summer rose, un-disgorged sparkling wine in blanc, rose, and red (!), and our 2018 Ortega is just releasing. Plus, as always, we have our Saanich Sangria.

Here's how this works: we have an outdoor picnic / patio area where we can safely accommodate three groups of people at a time with more than six feet of distance between the groups. We can safely manage three groups of up to four people at a time

--so a family of four, four friends, two couples, etc.

Our license allows us to sell wine by the bottle, and you ARE allowed to enjoy it (in all or in part here). You purchase and and carry your bottle out to the picnic area to enjoy. (And of course we do regular take-home sales as always too.)

For drinking it, we will be including complimentary Parsell Vineyard souvenir (and contact-less) wine glasses with your wine purchase, which you can take home with you and wash. They are yours to keep.

We will be able to being in the tasting room accepting growler returns finally. We have a shelving unit in the sun where we ask you to place them, and after four days we collection them and sanitize as usual.

We are offering a ready-made, no chill (we are not allowed to offer refrigerator items), picnic-for-four that you can pre-order. All items come pre-packaged so this is contactless. The picnic includes smoked salmon pate (or vegetarian pate), crackers, hard cheese, olives, nuts, and Denman Island chocolate, and the price is $40 ($10 per person) plus tax including compostable paper plates and cutlery.

Please note: we will NOT be able to have restroom facilities open at this time. So please plan your pee before you arrive. :)

Finally--our farm stand is open as well for sales. We have greens coming in now, and the lavender will be coming into bloom in June, with fresh lavender or our estate distilled lavender essential oils and hydrosols (the best smelling cleaning spray ever, just saying) for sale. We'll have more coming throughout the summer as the bean, peas, etc. come on line.

This will begin Saturday June 6th, and we are encouraging reservations since we don't know what demand will look like. (If you're like us, you're dying to get out of the house and into the sunshine.) Reservations are for an outdoor seating area for up to four people, for an hour, on the hour at 12, 1, 2, and 3 PM.

You're also welcome to stop by and take your chances, of course, and wine sales for take away definitely do not require a reservation (just social distancing).

If we are at capacity in the picnic area when you arrive, you'll see a board letting you know how to check in, and we have a self-guided vineyard stroll you can take if you want to wait (and we have new baby lambs you can go check out). If we start to fill up on Saturdays, we will open Sundays.

We are offering to pay the GST (5% discount) on all wine sales if all members of your group arrive and depart wearing masks! Obviously, drinking your wine with a mask on is not recommended.

Stay safe out there and hope to see you at the winery in June.